Three Common Carpet Cleaning Myths Dispelled

Posted on: November 15, 2015 by in Commercial Carpet Cleaning
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Three Common Carpet Cleaning Myths Dispelled

best carpet cleaning service grove cityWhen it comes to maintaining carpeting, some people believe that all it takes is a swift vacuum and having it shampooed every once in a while. The reality is that not knowing how to care for carpet means that it can become a harmful and expensive burden. In order to help you keep your carpet looking great and lasting longer than ever, we are here to help clear up a few common commercial carpet cleaning myths.


1. “My Carpet Is Fairly New. There Is No Need To Have It Cleaned

One HUGE misconception people have is that taking care of your carpet is not necessary unless it looks visibly dirty. Unfortunately, by the time you notice stains and other carpet issues, it is already far too late to do much about it. When dirt and debris are on your carpet, your feet press it deeper into the carpet fibers, which start to break down over time. While it may not be noticeable right away, your carpet will start to deteriorate little by little.

2. “I Don’t Need To Call A Pro. I Can Do It Myself

These days, it is very simple and convenient to head to a store in your area and get one of the many carpet cleaners that are available for rent. While this may seem like a simple solution, it can be very damaging to your carpet. The largest issue with these machines is the fact that they add a great deal of water to the carpet, yet they cannot always get it all out. This means that your carpet may take quite some time to dry. In the interim, mildew and mold can wreak havoc on the backing of the carpet.

In addition to the damage caused by the actual machine, some of the cleaning products that are available out there can cause some damage as well. About 1/3 of the carpets cleaned with these products will have some discoloration issues.

3. “A Sprinkle Of Carpet Deodorizer Will Keep Things Fresh

This common household product is another thing that can create issues with your carpet. These deodorizers contain talcum powder, which cannot be dissolved in water. Once you have used this several time, the powder will become a permanent fixture in your carpet. Even if you are very thorough with vacuuming, you will never be able to pick all of it up. Each time you clean your carpets with water after using this powder, it will leave white patches when it dries.

It is not easy to take great care of carpet. Even so, making sure that they are properly cleaned will not only make them look good, but it will save you money in the long run. Have a chat with one of the carpet care pros at Grove City Carpet Cleaning Pros prior to your next cleaning, and you will certainly notice the difference!

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