All You Need To Know About Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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All You Need To Know About Commercial Carpet Cleaning

If a company wishes to portray a degree of professionalism, it will require the best in services offered and the most appealing company appearance; for example, professional businesses must ensure that the company office is pristine for first impressions. This is where commercial carpet cleaning services can be very beneficial. While commercial carpet cleaners are similar to residential carpet cleaning, this type of cleaner does present with a specific difference and this is the approach to carpet sanitizing.

commercial carpet cleaners grove city ohThe majority of residential carpet cleaning services are utilized on a ‘once off’ basis; however, the commercial cleaners are used more times than once. Unlike residential contractors who take care of the floors that require cleaning then remove themselves from the area, the commercial contractors focus on maintenance of the flooring. This maintenance is necessary because the fabrics of carpets in professional settings are generally subject to more foot traffic and this will lead to greater damage to the fabrics. To reduce the chance of speedy deterioration, it is recommended that the carpets be treated at regular intervals.

One benefit of commercial carpet cleaning services is that they insist on inspection of carpet fabrics. This is done to ensure that all soiled areas are identified, which will help determine which areas require more attention. The problem zones are generally near entry points, bottle necks, and doorways as these areas receive the most foot traffic; however, as there is a great area space to review, it is not always possible to determine the areas that receive the most traffic.

Once a detailed map of the building is drafted, and the points of concern are identified, the carpet maintenance can begin. This treatment is typically broken down into three core schedules: the preventative stage, the daily stage, and the intermittent stage. It is only commercial carpet cleaning services that offer this treatment plan as the commercial carpets have more debris to clear than residential carpets.

The preventative schedule involves some simple techniques to reduce the presence of debris and sediment on the carpet. This is completed by preventing sediment from entering the building. The most common techniques used are preventative entry mats and locating a masking color for business surfaces.

The daily maintenance schedule involves the thorough vacuuming of all surfaces to remove debris and completion of spot treatments to treat stains or spills. Statistics show that vacuuming on a daily basis can remove approximately 80% of debris on floors and reduce the chance of this debris settling completely.

The intermittent treatment schedule involves the thorough extraction of soiling on commercial carpet s. This treatment is most suited for high foot traffic areas and can be completed either semi-annually or monthly. To complete this deep soil extraction, it is necessary for the fabric to be cleaned using hot water with light detergent. The fabric is then protected from future soiling using deodorizing substances and barriers.

As you can see, residential and commercial carpet cleaning services differ to a great extent and the client must be certain of the cleaning needs in order to locate the most suitable option. It should be noted that the rates must be considered and the rates for larger projects by business floor specialists can be larger if they must travel to residential areas; however, not many commercial services will work with residential clients. This is due to the fact that commercial cleaning professionals prefer to work with a set clientele and are not always equipped to meet the needs of all clients.

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